[ANN] Simpler reorder extension

With Adam’s permission, I have replaced the reorder extension in the
Radiant repository with the simpler one I developed recently. Instead
of adding a separate view with drag-and-drop, it adds up/down/top/bottom
buttons to the sitemap.

You can use Subversion to download it from:




Hey Sean,

Upon trying to run “rake production db:migrate:extensions” I am
getting the following error:

undefined method `page’ for #Radiant::AdminUI:0x40804734

Any idea why? This is a gem install of version 0.6.4 with the Shards
extension from the trunk installed.


Travis B.
Not sent from my iPhone.

Yup, that did it.


Travis B.
Not sent from my iPhone.

I seem to be getting an error when I try and delete pages with the
Reorder extension enabled. The log reports the following:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (SQLite3::SQLException: SQL logic

error or missing database: UPDATE page

Any idea? The second I disable the Reorder extension, I can delete
the page just fine.


Travis B.
Not sent from my iPhone.

I had this problem as well.

Checking the logs and running the SQL in the console gave this error:

sqlite> UPDATE pages SET “created_at” = ‘2007-12-31 22:43:04’,
“meta_keywords” = ‘’, “meta_description” = ‘’, “layout_id” = NULL,
= ‘f’, “position” = NULL, “updated_by” = 1, “title” = ‘Bob’‘s Page’,
“published_at” = ‘2008-01-01 11:43:04’, “created_by” = 1, “breadcrumb” =
‘Bob’‘s Page’, “class_name” = ‘Page’, “parent_id” = 1, “updated_at” =
‘2007-12-31 22:53:32’, “status_id” = 100, “lock_version” = 2, “slug” =
‘bobs-page’ WHERE id = 14 AND “lock_version” = 1;
SQL error: pages.position may not be NULL

That generally occurs when you don’t have the loading order set in
config/environment.rb of your project. It should look like this:

config.extensions = [:shards, :all]

Alternatively, you can rename the vendor/extensions/shards directory
to vendor/extensions/00_shards.