[ANN] Sidebars made Simpler: Body Builder

This plugin fixes the problem of how to organize the parts of your app
that are re-used like blocks across pages, like those in side-bars and
top-bars. It allows you to create render-points where content can be
inserted in views.

In short it allows one to set body_parts (variables that can be yielded
in views) from controllers. Also since Rails components are
notoriously slow, this is a nice alternative.

After installing the plugin you can declare body parts in your
controllers (most often only in controllers/application.rb) with:

body_parts :top, :sidebar

Then you can fill them up in the same, or in inheriting controllers
by passing method syms to body-name_body, just like Rails filters:

top_body :navigation_bar

The return value of these methods will be added to the body.

In the view you can display the body with

<= yield :sidebar_body %>


<= yield :top_body %>.

As you can see Body Builder supports multiple, user-defined bodies.
This contrary to the Simple Sidebar plugin.

See the full Body Builder docs for code examples and installation
instructions: http://www.logilogi.org/pub/doc/plugins/body_builder/

Body Builder is under the Affero GPL, and developed by the LogiLogi
Foundation (http://foundation.logilogi.org)


Wybo W.


::Free Software and Open Source Developer:

Thank you for sharing this. We have a lot of pieces of our application
which are re-used many times, this could help!