[ANN] ShRUG 8, Mon July 12th: Introduction to RSpec

Hi all

Reposting this for the benefit of anyone who may be able to attend but
wouldn’t normally see ShRUG announcements.

ShRUG is the Sheffield (UK) Ruby U. Group. ShRUG July 2010 is now
confirmed. Ashley M. (that’s me) of PatchSpace Ltd (that’s also me,
really) will be running an introduction to RSpec, a powerful and mature
BDD/testing library for Ruby*. No RSpec or unit testing experience is
necessary, as we will be starting from first principles, but knowing
basic Ruby will help.

We’re at the new GIST Lab in Sheffield, which is part of the
Workstation. Turn up at 6.30pm for a 7.00-9.00pm presentation.
Followed by general pubbage activity as usual.

Details and map available on the ShRUG site:

You can keep updated via our Twitter account too:

If you’re going please sign up for a ticket here:

You don’t have to get a ticket, but we like to know who’s planning to
turn up to predict numbers.

See you there!


BTW - We’re always looking for people to run sessions (short or long).
If you have an idea please drop me a line.

  • You all know that :slight_smile: This announcement was originally prepared for
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