[ANN] SgfParser 0.8.0 - Open, browse and save!

SgfParser has been released!

What is it?
SGF stands for Simple Game Format. It is a plain text file format to
store records of two-player board games like chess, backgammon, etc -
the most famous of which is known as go, igo, weiqi, weichi or baduk,
depending where you may have learned about it.

Basically, the library parses the file and makes a linked list out of
it. Fancy.

Grab the source at: GitHub - Trevoke/SGFParser: A Ruby library to parse SGF (Smart Game Format) files, best-known for holding weiqi / go game records
Install the gem, if you have gemcutter installed: gem install SgfParser

Good things:

  • browses all SGF files well.
  • supports multiple gametrees per file
  • easy access to node properties (thank god)

Bad things:

  • no checking for correctness of file. When the library thinks it’s done
    parsing… It’s done parsing.
  • interface is probably still a little awkward.

But at least it’s out there! All feedback welcome.