ANN: Sequel 1.0 Released!

I’m pleased to announce that Sequel version 1.0 has just been
released. Sequel is a lightweight database access and ORM library for
Ruby. Sequel provides thread safety, connection pooling and a simple
and expressive API for constructing database queries and table

This milestone release separates Sequel into two separate libraries:
sequel_core and sequel_model. Also new in this release are refactored
model hooks (callbacks), a few minor bug fixes, and 100% code
coverage! To update your sequel gem execute the following command:

sudo gem update sequel

Following is a discussion of the main changes:

=== New code organization

Sequel is now divided into two parts: sequel_core and sequel_model.
These two parts are distributed as two separate gems. The sequel gem
bundles sequel_core and sequel_model together. If you don’t use
Sequel::Model in your code, you can just install and use sequel_core.

=== New model hooks implementation

The hooks implementation have been rewritten from scratch, is much
more robust and offers a few new features:

  • More ways to define hooks: hooks can now be defined by supplying a
    block or a method name, or by overriding the hook instance method.

  • Inheritable hooks: Hooks can now be inherited, which means that you
    can define general hooks in a model superclass, and use them in
    subclasses. You can also define global hooks on Sequel::Model that
    will be invoked for all model classes.

  • Hook chains can be broken by returning false from within the hook.

  • New after_initialize hook, invoked after instance initialization.

  • The hook invocation order can no longer be changed. Hooks are
    invoked in order of definition, from the top of the class hierarchy
    (that is, from Sequel::Model) down to the specific class.

=== Miscellanea

  • Removed deprecated adapter stubs, and all other deprecations in both
    sequel_core and sequel_model.

  • Fixed String#to_time to raise error correctly for invalid time

  • Fixed error behavior when parse_tree or ruby2ruby are not available.

=== More info on Sequel

Sequel project page:

Sequel documentation:

Join the Sequel-talk group:

Join Sequel discussion on IRC at #sequel.

Install the gem:
sudo gem install sequel

Or check out the source and install manually:
svn co sequel
cd sequel
rake install

100% code coverage, that just gives a warm and fuzzy feeling :slight_smile: