ANN: Sequel 0.1.9 Released

Sequel version 0.1.9 has just been released. This release contains a
much improved MySQL adapter, a new single-threaded database feature
and a few bug fixes.

Following is a discussion of the main changes:

Improved MySQL adapter

The MySQL adapter has been extensively rewritten to make it more solid
and useful. Here is a breakdown of the changes:

  • Column values are now cast correctly according to the column types.
  • Fields are quoted using back-ticks.
  • Support for boolean literals.
  • Transactions work.
  • Added support for ORDER and LIMIT clauses in UPDATE statements.
  • Improved performance.

Many thanks to Aman G. for his attention to details.

Single-threaded database mode

By default Sequel provides a connection-pool for each open database,
allowing to write multi-threaded applications without having to worry
about managing and synchronizing database access. The Sequel
connection pool does, however, invoke some performance penalty.

The latest release of Sequel offers much improved performance for
single-threaded applications with a single-threaded mode.

Single-threaded mode can be set globally:

Sequel::Database.single_threaded = true

Or for specific databases: ‘sqlite:/’, :single_threaded => true

I have not done any extensive benchmarking, but it seems you can
easily get 10-20% better performance in single-threaded mode. Would
anyone be interested in measuring this?


  • Added parens around postgres LIKE expressions using regexps.

  • Fixed bug in Dataset#format_eq_expression where Range objects would
    not be literalized correctly.

  • Wrote specs for SQLite and MySQL adapters.


Sequel documentation:

Join the Sequel-talk group:

Install the gem:
sudo gem install sequel

Or check out the source and install manually:
svn co sequel
cd sequel
rake install

Thanks again Sharon,

nice piece of work…


Sharon R. schrieb: