ANN: Sequel Released

Sequel version has just been released. This release includes
a number of bug fixes a minor improvements. Here’s the CHANGELOG:

  • Changed schema generation code to generate separate statements for
    CREATE TABLE and each CREATE INDEX. This solves an issue with the
    MySQL adapter where creating a table with indexes would fail (#34).

  • Refactored Dataset::SQL#field_name for better support of different
    field quoting standards by specific adapters.

  • Sequel::Dataset:SQL#field_name can now take a hash (as well as
    #select and any method that uses #field_name) for aliasing column
    names. Example usage:

    DB[:items].select(:a => :b).sql #=> “SELECT a AS b FROM items”

  • Added #current_page_record_count for paginated datasets. The method
    returns the number of records in the current page.

  • Removed Database#literal and included Dataset::SQL instead.

  • Moved SingleThreadedPool to lib/sequel/connection_pool.rb.

  • Changed SQLite::Dataset to return affected rows for #delete and
    #update (#33).

  • ADO adapter: Added use of Enumerable for Recordset#Fields, playing
    it safe and moving to the first row before getting results, and
    changing the auto_increment constant to work for MSSQL.


Sequel project page:

Sequel documentation:

Join the Sequel-talk group:

Install the gem:
sudo gem install sequel

Or check out the source and install manually:
svn co sequel
cd sequel
rake install