ANN: Sequel 0.0.19 Released and Sequel discussion list


== Sequel 0.0.19 Released

Sequel: Concise ORM for Ruby. Sequel provides thread safety,
connection pooling and a concise DSL for constructing database queries
and table schemas. Version 0.0.19 fixes a bunch of minor bugs has
improved code coverage (rcov reports 74.5% coverage!)

Sequel currently supports SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

== Sequel by Example

require ‘sequel/sqlite’
DB = ‘sqlite:/:memory:’

DB.create_table :posts
column :title, :text
column :category, :text

posts = DB[:posts]

posts << {:title => ‘first’, :category => ‘ruby’}
posts << {:title => ‘second’, :category => ‘orm’}

posts.count #=> 2
posts.sql #=> ‘SELECT * FROM posts’
posts.filter(:category => ‘orm’).count #=> 1
posts.filter(:category => ‘orm’).sql #=> “SELECT * FROM posts WHERE
(category = ‘orm’)”
posts.order(:category).print # pretty-prints the table ordered by

== Installing Sequel

sudo gem install sequel

You can also check out the trunk and install locally:

svn co sequel
cd sequel
rake install

== Changes in 0.0.19

  • More specs for Dataset.
  • Fixed Dataset#invert_order to work correctly with strings.
  • Fixed Model#== to check equality of values.
  • Added Model#exclude and Model#order.
  • Fixed Dataset#order and Dataset#group to behave correctly when
    supplied with qualified field name symbols.
  • Removed Database#literal. Shouldn’t have been there.
  • Added SQLite::Dataset#explain. Returns an array of opcode hashes.
  • Specs for ConnectionPool.

== Sequel Discussion L.

I’ve created a google group dedicated to Sequel. Youcan find it here:

== Sequel RDoc