[ANN] Selenium RC Fu (plus js unit)

We’ve been threatening to open source this for a while, most recently
during Alex and Brian’s talk at Railsconf [1]. See the readme [2]
for more info, and the source/rdocs for all the gory details.
Feedback and contributions are very welcome.




== Introduction

Welcome to Selenium RC Fu!

This plugin is designed to let you use Selenium RC to write Selenium
tests in Ruby, using a simple series of Rake tasks.

== Installation

The current version of this plugin can be found at:

You may install the plugin with the following command:

script/plugin install

== Usage
The seleniumrc_fu plugin assumes you have a test/selenium directory
with a selenium_suite.rb file in
it. A sample selenium_suite.rb and selenium_helper.rb can be copied
into your test/selenium directory.

You’ll get the following tasks:

  • selenium:test - starts a Selenium RC server, runs selenium tests,
    and shuts the server down
    when they’re done

and lower level tasks as well:

  • selenium:server starts up a Selenium RC server
  • selenium:test_with_server_started runs Selenium tests off of an
    existing server

== Oh Yeah…
We’ve got JsUnit support as well!

Check out this site for more information:

There’s a series of jsunit:xxx rake tasks devoted to running JsUnit
distributed server tests from Ruby.

== Future Enhancements

There are a few things we’d like to improve, but we wanted to get this
out now. Check the tracker in the pivotal.rb RubyForge project for

== License

Selenium RC Fu is distributed under the MIT license. Copyright (c)
2007 Pivotal Labs, Inc.

== Contributing

Contributions to this plugin are welcome. Contributions should be
accompanied by tests, and should be sent to
[email protected].