[ANN] scRUBYt! 0.2.3 - Hpricot and Mechanize on steroids


I am pleased to announce that the new release of scRUBYt!, 0.2.3 is
available for download.

scRUBYt! is a very easy to learn and use, yet powerful Web scraping
framework based on Hpricot and mechanize. It’s purpose is to free you
from the drudgery of web page crawling, looking up HTML tags,
attributes, XPaths, form names and other typical low-level web scraping
woes by figuring these out from your examples copy’n’pasted from the Web

The current release has a lot of new features, tons of bugfixes and
some shiny new examples - scraping reddit, del.icio.us, rubyforge login,
wordpress automatic commenting for example.

Thanks everybody for the great feedback!

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