[ANN] Rumai 3.2.4


         Ruby interface to the wmii window manager


Rumai is a pure [1]Ruby interface to the [2]wmii window
manager. Its name is a portmanteau of “Ruby” and “wmii”
(which I pronounce as “vim eye”).

Version 3.2.4 (2010-06-06)

This release fixes an IXP transport layer bug under Ruby

Bug fixes:

 * IO#ungetc does not accept a one-character string in
   Ruby 1.8.7.

   Thanks to [3]skirge for reporting [4]this issue.


  1. http://ruby-lang.org/
  2. http://wmii.suckless.org/
  3. skirge · GitHub
  4. FreeBSD: can't convert String into Integer (TypeError) in transport.rb · Issue #3 · sunaku/rumai · GitHub