[ANN] Rumai 3.1.1

                        Rumai 3.1.1

         Ruby interface to the wmii window manager


Rumai is a [1]Ruby interface to the [2]wmii window manager.

Version 3.1.1 (2009-11-16)

This release fixes bugs in automated view arrangements and
updates the user manual.

Thank you

 * Nathan Neff reported the client ordering bug in automated
   view arrangements.

Bug fixes

 * The relative order of clients was not being preserved
   during view arrangements.

 * Focus on the current view was lost after automated view
   arrangement was applied if the current view was not the
   first view on which the initially focused (before the
   automated arrangement was applied) client appeared.


  1. http://ruby-lang.org/
  2. http://wmii.suckless.org/