[ANN] Rumai 2.1.0

                        Rumai 2.1.0

         Ruby interface to the wmii window manager


Rumai is a [1]Ruby interface to the [2]wmii window manager.

 * It excels at dynamic arrangement of clients, columns,
   views, and tags.

 * It provides an [3]interactive shell for live

 * It contains a pure Ruby client for the [4]9P2000 protocol
   on which wmii's [5]IXP file-system interface is built.

Version 2.1.0 (2009-05-09)

This release improves client arrangement, fixes several bugs,
and cleans up the code.

Thank you

 * Simon Hafner reported several bugs.

 * Michael Andrus verified bug fixes.

New features

 * Focus is now restored on the initially focused client
   after applying [6]Automated client arrangements.

 * The push(), insert(), and unshift() instance methods of
   the Rumai::Area class now preserve the order of inserted

 * The Rumai::View#arrange_in_grid() method now accepts 1 as
   a parameter. This invocation causes every column to
   contain at most 1 client.

Bug fixes

 * Fix error caused by focusing the top/bottom client in the
   destination area before sending new clients into that

 * Fix error when importing clients into an empty area.


 * Use snake_case instead of camelCase for variable names.

 * Add copyright notice at the top of every file.

 * Plenty of code formatting and beautification.


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  2. http://www.suckless.org/wiki/wmii
  3. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/rumai/#shell
  4. http://cm.bell-labs.com/magic/man2html/5/intro
  5. http://www.suckless.org/wiki/libs/libixp
  6. http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/rumai/#Automated-client-arrangement

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