[ANN] Rumai 2.0.0


Rumai is a library for manipulating the wmii window manager
through Ruby. It excels at dynamic arrangement of clients,
columns, views, and tags.

Rumai also provides (1) an interactive shell for live
entertainment, and (2) a pure Ruby client for the 9P2000
protocol, which it uses to communicate with wmii’s IXP
file-system interface.



Rumai 2.0.0


• Thanks
• Caution
• Improvements
• Repairs

This release adds support for wmii 3.6, improves the
performance of the IXP library, and fixes some bugs.

1 Thanks

• Christoph B. tested Rumai 1.0.0 under wmii 3.6 and
reported bugs.

2 Caution

• wmii version 3.6 or newer is now a requirement for

• The Rumai::IXP::Agent::FidStream#read_partial method
has been replaced by Rumai::IXP::Agent::FidStream#read
(true) for efficiency.

• The Rumai::IXP::Agent::FidStream#write method no longer
writes to the beginning of the stream. Instead, it
writes to the current position in the stream.

• The Rumai::View#floating_area method has been renamed
to Rumai::View#floater for brevity.

3 Improvements

• Added several more methods (such as rewind, pos=, eof?,
and so on) from Ruby’s IO class to the
Rumai::IXP::Agent::FidStream class.

• Added the Rumai::Client#kill method to simplify client

4 Repairs

• Fixed a race condition in Rumai::Agent#talk which would
cause Rumai to hang when multiple threads used it.