[ann] Rubynation DC April 9-10

Just a note to remind everyone that the RubyNation conference is
around the corner, less than one month away. We are getting close to
sold out, so help us push this thing over the top!

This year we have more (and better!) presentations, including a
keynote presentation by the person who IMO really started all the fuss
with Ruby and Rails, Dave T…

We also have a bunch of quality speakers including Jim W., Brian
Sam-Bodden, Joe O’Brien, Jeremy McAnally, Gregg P., Glenn
Vanderburg, Neal Ford, Andrea O.K.Wright, Jeff Barr, Kyle B.,
Corey D., Nick S., Nathanial Talbott, Jon Larkowski, Aman
Gupta, David Bock, and Joe Damato. And we have lots of great local
speakers, like Paul B., Dave Bock, Jeff C., and Russ Olsen.

The topics are great, too. They stretch from getting under the covers
of the MRI, to NoSQL solutions, to web services with Ruby, to testing,
to Rails 3, to functional programming and on from there.

We also have a Beer and Barbeque Bash, sponsored by our friends at
MetroStar Systems.

So, come on down for the Cherry Blossoms and the Air and Space Museum,
and stay for the Ruby goodness in a much more intimate gathering than
those other guys. ;^)

Interested? Read all about it here: http://www.rubynation.org or
twitter @rubynation

from Gray and the RubyNation gang of organizers