[ANN] rubygems maven support


since the default plugin version of jruby-1.6.0 is broken on
maven-central you need to add in your $HOME/.gemrc (see also blog post

plugin_version: 0.25.1

I also published a small blog post about the rubygems maven support


regards, Kristian

Hi, I’m a little confused by something in your blog post:

note: the repositories are broken for jruby version <=1.6.0 and plugin
version <=0.25.1

But you say that we should put 0.25.1 as the plugin version even
though it
doesn’t work correctly?


yes, using other repositories then maven central is broken. that are
the versions I mentioned in the blog.

but to use rubygems maven support at all you need to use plugin
version 0.25.1 which works OK with all artifacts from maven central.

regards, Kristian