[ANN] RubyCamp 2008 (Vancouver-Jan/26th) - Call for Speakers, Sponsors, Hack-a-thon Projects


== Call for Speakers - We Heart JavaScript Talks (Ruby’s Ugly-Cool
Half-Sister) ==

Just a reminder that you’re invited to sign-up for a talk at the
upcoming RubyCamp 2008. The sooner you send in your talk proposal the
better your chances to getting approved. Official RubyCamp talk
proposal deadline is January 20th, 2008. Hurry. Find details @

Note, that we welcome talks on JavaScript - “Ruby’s ugly-cool half-
sister” to quote err.the_blog - including talks on jQuery, Google
Gears, TrimPath/Junction, Prototype/script.aculo.us, etcetera.

Need talk ideas? Have talk ideas? Stop at our wiki page @

== Call for Hack-a-thon or Code Sprint Projects ==

You’re also invited to sign-up for leading a more informal RubyCamp
unconference-style coding sprint, hack-a-thon or hands-on project
discussion. To get started post some information about your Ruby
project you’re interested in leading a coding sprint or hands-on
informal discussion on our wiki and send a posting to the Vancouver
Ruby/Rails Mailing List/Forum @ http://forum.vanrb.com to stir up some
interest from fellow Rubyists and/or Railers.

== Help us get the word out ==

Blog about RubyCamp. Blog about your Hack-a-thon project. Blog about
your RubyCamp talk or code sprint. Blog about Rubyize This! and
Refactor My Code Live in Vancouver etcetera.

Sign-up for our event on Facebook @

and/or on Yahoo! Upcoming @ Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

== Call for RubyCamp Sponsors ==

We love sponsors. If you’re interested in sponsoring the RubyCamp,
please contact the organizers. We offer sponsorship packages starting
at CAN$300. More @ http://rubycamp.wordpress.com/about/#sponsors

See you all at RubyCamp 2008 in Vancouver, B.C. in the Americas on
Canada’s Pacific West Coast.


Gerald B. - Internet Professional - http://geraldbauer.wordpress.com