[ANN] Ruby-VPI 15.0.0

Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to IEEE 1364-2005 Verilog VPI.
It lets you create complex Verilog test benches easily and
wholly in Ruby.

• http://ruby-vpi.rubyforge.org


Version 15.0.0 (2007-01-13)


This release fixes a problem with compilation of the C
extension, and makes clock generation code correctly affect
Ruby prototypes.


Thanks to Derek Graham for reporting the problem with
compilation of the C extension.


• The Vpi::advance_time method (instead of the
Vpi::simulate method) now invokes the design’s
simulate! method when prototyping is enabled.

This makes clock generation code (passed to the
RubyVpi::init_bench method) affect Ruby prototypes,
just as it affects a real Verilog design.

As a result, Ruby prototypes may need to check for
edge-triggering through the new Vpi::Handle.posedge?
and Vpi::Handle.negedge? methods. For example, see the
new implementation of the Counter prototype.

New features

• Added Vpi::Handle.posedge? and Vpi::Handle.negedge?
methods which check if a handle’s logic value is
currently at a positive or negative edge, respectively.

• Added Vpi::S_vpi_time.integer and
Vpi::S_vpi_time.integer= methods which access the high
and low integer fields as a single 64-bit integer.

• Added utility methods for accessing the value field in
the Vpi::S_vpi_value structure.


• Fixed problem with incorrect Ruby library flag in ext/
extconf.rb. It happens that the mkmf library determines
the correct library flag all by itself!

• Added new prototyping section to user manual.

• Fixed some broken URLs in user documentation.