[ANN] Ruby-VPI 12.0.1

Ruby-VPI is a Ruby interface to Verilog VPI. It lets you create
complex Verilog test benches easily and wholly in Ruby.

Website: http://ruby-vpi.rubyforge.org

Install: gem install ruby-vpi

Version 12.0.1 (2006-12-18)


This release fixes a problem in code coverage analysis.


Thanks to Mauricio F. for helping me solve the


Previously, code coverage reports were not providing any
useful information because they were being generated before
the test had a chance to run. This problem has been
fixed—code coverage reports are now generated after the
test has finished running.

This problem was wholly due to programmer error – i.e. my
mistake :wink: – because I had forgotten that Kernel.at_exit
invokes the blocks passed to it in reverse order. So, the
coverage report was being generated before Test::Unit had a
chance to run (it also uses Kernel.at_exit).


There was a problem in the 12.0.1 gem, where the generate_test.rb and
header_to_ruby.rb tools were not being installed properly.

I have released a new 12.0.2 package which fixes this problem:


Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your attention.