[ANN] Ruby on Rails Workshop in Graz, Austria


The first austrian ?Ruby on Rails? Workshop takes place on the 21st
and the 22nd of January in Graz, Austria.

What are you going to learn?

 * What is Ruby on Rails
 * How do i build a Web Application with it

These are the imporant points, but these include many things.

You also get a CD with a bunch of Software, for a good start and a
copy of the workshop material

What should i take with me?

 * a Laptop ( very important )

Also you should have knowledg of at lest one programming language and
you should have worked with HTML Javascript and CSS. The best would
be if you already know Ruby.

How much will it cost?

it will cost ? 170,- per person

Where it takes place?

In graz, the beautiful capital of styria, in austria.

I?m unsure at the moment where it exactly takes place, but i will let
you know.

The Workshop is limited to max. 35 People.

Sign up - http://www.formdesk.de/validcode_workshop/anmeldung

Notes for people from far away

For accommodation i will release a list of cheap places where you can
stay. I will also release informations how you can get
Rails mailing list
[email protected]