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Ruby On Rails, Today’s Hottest Web Framework, Now Supports FileMaker

Six Fried Rice, a FileMaker Pro Services Provider, Releases Rfm, a
Free Open Source FileMaker API for Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

The buzz about Ruby on Rails can be heard all over the web. This world
class development platform makes web developers more productive when
building powerful web sites with up-to-the minute data. But before
today, it was unwieldy to integrate Ruby on Rails with the FileMaker
Pro software, the best selling database used throughout the world for
managing critical data small businesses, workgroups, and

“Rails is, bar none, the most productive framework for web
professionals. With Rfm, FileMaker developers can finally take
advantage of this fantastic technology seamlessly.”, said Geoff
Coffey, Rfm’s principle designer. “We designed Rfm to make the most of
our two favorite things. It’s pure Ruby, with Ruby-like syntax and
structures, and it works just like a FileMaker developer would

Rfm works perfectly with the competitively priced FileMaker Server 9,
which was announced today by FileMaker Inc. This means web publishing
in FileMaker has never been more accessible. (Prior versions of
FileMaker Server require the more expensive Advanced upgrade to
support web publishing and Rfm.)

Rfm supports the full suite of FileMaker Pro capabilities in a package
that fully embraces Ruby’s legendary expressive syntax. With Rfm,
publishing FileMaker Pro data on the web has never been easier.

For developers with a less visible job to do, Rfm also makes it
possible to interact with FileMaker Pro databases in simple Ruby
scripts that perform behind-the-scenes processing tasks.


Rfm is free in every sense of the word. Released under the MIT
license, it can be used without charge, even for commercial
applications. And since its source code is wide open, it can be
modified, extended, and merged into other products with no complex
licensing requirements. Best of all, corporate FileMaker Pro customers
can be confident their IP investment in Rfm is safe because they have
full, documented access to the underlying source code.

To find out more about Rfm, or to get started using Ruby, Ruby on
Rails, and Rfm, visit the Rfm home page at Six Fried Rice:

=> http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/products/rfm

Experienced Ruby developers can also acquire the Rfm package using the
‘gem’ package manager.

Six Fried Rice is a full service FileMaker Pro firm. With expertise in
all aspects of FileMaker Pro, including complex integration, web
development, and large deployments, Six Fried Rice is perfectly suited
to help you make the most of FileMaker today.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an
interview with Geoff C., please call 602-384-1804 or email
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