[ANN] Ruby In Steel Text Edition

SapphireSteel Software has just launched a new version of Ruby In Steel
(The Text Edition) complete with a copy of Visual Studio 2008 for an
all-in price of $49.

It has Ruby and RHTML/ERb editing and debugging and is hosted in Visual
Studio which also includes an HTML designer, JavaScript IntelliSense, a
Macro IDE etc.

Feature highlights of the Text Edition include:

  • code colouring/folding (Ruby/ERb)
  • Auto expand snippets (Ruby/ERb) plus snippet editor
  • Bracket and keyword matching
  • Code formatting tools
  • Integrated debugging with step into/over/ watch variables and
  • Customization with alternative colour schemes
  • Integrated command prompt and docked interactive Ruby and IRB consoles
  • All in one setup program to install Visual Studio, Ruby, Ruby In
    Steel, Rails and MySQL
  • Comprehensive documentation and integrated help

The principal differences between the Text and the Developer Editions
are that only the Developer Edition has full IntelliSense and our
ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger (the Text Edition has a slower Ruby-based

You can find out more here:

Text Edition Overview

Feature List

best wishes
Huw C.

SapphireSteel Software
Ruby and Rails In Visual Studio