[ANN] Ruby Hoedown 2007 - the Ruby conference down south

I’m proud to announce the first ever regional Ruby conference in the
south: Ruby Hoedown 2007. Ruby Hoedown, a joint effort between
Raleigh.rb, Atlanta.rb, and myself, is going to be held at the Red Hat
HQ in Raleigh, NC on August 10-11, 2007.


We are inviting two speakers, which we are still in the process of
acquiring, and the rest will be chosen from proposals from the
soon-to-be-open call for participation. Speakers will be given travel
stipends, free admission, and, most likely, a hug.

Registration attendance is limited to 150 people due to facility
limitations, but you’ll be able to get your very own ticket starting
June 11 for an undetermined yet guaranteed affordable price.

To keep up with updates and such, join our announcement list using the
form at http://www.rubyhoedown.com/ (or http://www.rubyhoedown.org/ or
http://www.rubyhoedown.info/ ; it’s really up to you).

Looking forward to seeing you guys and girls there. :slight_smile:



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