[ANN] Ruby/GSL-ng 0.1.0

This is a GSL (GNU Scientific Library) wrapper for Ruby. While others
exist (ruby-gsl and rb-gsl), they’re either not completely documented in
RDoc or simply too complex to extend and maintain.

=Why? (or Features)=
This wrapper is different for the following reasons:

  • There is no (or almost) C/C++ code. This is due to the usage of
    RubyFFI (GitHub - ffi/ffi: Ruby FFI) which allows binding to C libraries
    at run-time.
  • Complete RDoc documentation
  • It strives to get the best integration with standard Ruby classes by
    following method name conventions and such. This means that declarative
    names are used, and also aliases to access methods by the most intuitive
    name for each user.
  • Provides easy extensibility by either adding new Ruby methods to
    ease usage of existing classes, or by providing access to other
    high-performance libraries (like BLAS, which GSL uses) by the means of

Homepage: http://ruby-gsl-ng.googlecode.com