[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.0


The Ruby-GNOME2 project released Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.0:

It is a release that Ruby/GIO2 is migrated to
Ruby/GObjectIntrospection based bindings. This means that
you can use full GIO features. :slight_smile:

Some API changes in Ruby/GIO2 are expected but unexpected
API changes may exist. If you find API change, please report
it. If the API change provides non Rubyish API, it will be a

== Install

% gem install gtk2
% gem install gtk3

== Ruby-GNOME2 2.2.0: 2014-03-09

=== Changes

==== Ruby/GLib2

  • Improvements

    • Stopped to use deprecated API internally in
    • Reduced locking on object creation.
    • Exported rbg_inspect().
    • Created code level error.
    • Raised code level error instead of domain level error.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that wrong error code may be used.

==== Ruby/GTK2

  • Improvements

    • Suppressed warnings on startup.
  • Fixes

    • [windows] Suppressed IME related warnings.
      [Reported by OBATA Akio]
    • [GitHub#222] Fixed a bug that Gdk::EventAny related methods
      aren’t used by other Gdk::Event classes.
      [Reported by mtasaka]

==== Ruby/GDK3

  • Improvements

    • Added Gdk::Display#device_manager.
    • Added Gdk::Window#display.
    • Suppressed warnings on startup.
    • Added Gdk::Event::PROPAGATE.
    • Added Gdk::Event::STOP.
  • Fixes

    • [windows] Suppressed IME related warnings.
    • Fixed a bug that Gdk::DeviceManager is wrong object.
    • [GitHub#222] Fixed a bug that Gdk::EventAny related methods
      aren’t used by other Gdk::Event classes.
      [Reported by mtasaka]

==== Ruby/GTK3

  • Improvements
    • Added Gtk::MenuButton.
    • [GitHub#219] Added Gtk::LevelBar. [Patch by cosmo0920]
    • Added Gtk::IconView.
    • [GitHub#206] Added Gtk::HeaderBar. [Reported by dark-yux]
    • [GitHub#223] Added Gtk::Stack. [Patch by cosmo0920]
    • Suppressed warnings on startup.
    • Added Gtk::Revealer.
    • Updated sample scripts.
    • [GitHub#227] Added Gtk::SearchBar. [patch by cosmo0920]

==== Ruby/GIO2

  • Improvements

    • Migrated to Ruby/GObjectIntrospection based bindings.
    • [SF.net#187] Supported Gio::ContentType.guess.
      [Reported by neversleep1911]
    • Added Gio::Resources.lookup_data.
    • Added Gio::Resources.open_stream.
    • Added Gio::Resources.enumerate_children.
    • Added Gio::Resources.get_info.
    • Added Gio::Resources.register.
    • Added Gio::Resources.unregister.
  • Changes

    • Removed Gio::Socket#create_source. Use
      Gio::InputStream#create_source or
      Gio::OutputStream#create_source instead.
    • Removed Gio::InetAddress.new_from_string. Use
      Gio::InetAddress.new instead.
    • Removed Gio::InetAddress.new_any. Use
      Gio::InetAddress.any instead.
    • Removed Gio::InetAddress.new_l. Use
      Gio::InetAddress.any instead.
  • Fixes

    • [SF.net#186] Fixed a bug that Gio::ContentType module functions
      raises “no implicit conversion” error.
      [Reported by neversleep1911]

==== Ruby/Pango

  • Improvements
    • [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] Re-supported build on CentOS 5.
      [Reported by Grant S.]

==== Ruby/Poppler

  • Improvements
    • Suppressed a warning on startup.

==== Ruby/GtkSourceView2

  • Improvements

    • [GitHub#226] Suppressed warnings.
      [Patch by cosmo0920]
  • Fixes

    • [GitHub#215] Fixed a return value for
      [Reported by mtasaka]

==== Ruby/GObjectIntrospection

  • Improvements

    • [GitHub#216] Suppressed warnings on armv7hl.
      [Reported by mtasaka]
    • Supported freeing interface.
    • Supported freeing struct.
    • Supported String as void * value for value.
    • Supported freeing array of int8.
    • Supported freeing array of uint8.
    • Supported defining errors.
    • Improved guessing target method for overloaded method.
    • Supported array length.
    • Supported inout array.
    • Converted GBytes to String instead of wrapped GBytes.
    • Supported all exception types rather than GLib::Error.
  • Changes

    • Changed returned value of inout array to an array from an array
      and array length.
  • Fixes

    • [GitHub#216] Fixed test failures on i686 environment.
      [Reported by mtasaka]

==== Ruby/ClutterGTK

  • Improvements
    • Added duplicated Clutter.init check.

=== Thanks

  • OBATA Akio
  • mtasaka
  • cosmo0920
  • Grant S.
  • dark-yux
  • neversleep1911



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