[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 0.17.0


I’ve released Ruby-GNOME2 0.17.0:
Ruby-GNOME 2 - Browse Files at SourceForge.net


== Highlights

  • Support Ruby 1.8.7.
  • Support GLib 2.14 and 2.16.
  • Partially support GTK+ 2.12.
  • GStreamer 0.10.x support is merged.
  • Improve main loop polling.

== Thanks to

Thanks to all the people who contributed in some way to this release:

* Masao M.
* Joachim G.
* Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
* Kouhei S.
* Kero van Gelder
* Masahiro S.
* Detlef R.
* Guillaume C.
* Masahiro S.
* Mikael H.
* Carlo E. Prelz
* Sjoerd S.
* Juergen Mangler
* Dirk von Schmieden
* Mathieu B.
* Joseph Method
* Masayuki Y.
* Neil R.
* Cesare Tirabassi
* Arnaud C.
* kenhys

And also special thanks to all other contributors not listed above!

== Changes since version 0.16.0

  • Ruby/GLib:
    o Bound functions defined since 2.14 and 2.16.
    o Improved main loop polling. **
    o Improved callback handling from non Ruby thread. **

    This changes breaks API. Sjoerd, you need to call
    rbgutil_start_callback_dispatch_thread() in your
    GStreamer bindings. Sorry.

    o Supported convenience GEnum and GFlags notation. e.g.:

    GLib::UTF8.normalize(utf8, GLib::NormalizeMode::NFD)

    GLib::UTF8.normalize(utf8, :nfd)

    GLib::KeyFile::KEEP_COMMENTS |

    key_file.load_from_data(data, [:keep_contents,

    o Fixed locale dependent constant name
    computation. [#1901843] [Kouhei S.]

    o [#2060606] Crash when removing ruby applet from gnome
    panel with 0.7rc1 [Kouhei S.]

  • Ruby/Pango:
    o [#2043970] Pango::FontDescription#weight= seg fault [Kouhei S.]

  • Ruby/GTK:
    o partially support new symbols in 2.12
    (Gtk::RecentAction, Gtk::TextBuffer, Gdk::Display,
    Gtk::TreeViewColumn, Gtk::Stock, Gtk::Widget,
    Gtk::ScaleButton, Gtk::TreeView, Gtk::VolumneButton?,
    Gtk::Tooptip? and Gtk::TextMark only).

    o [#2025651] FTBFS with gtk+ 2.13.5 [Cesare Tirabassi,
    Kouhei S.]

    o [#2043970] Segfaults on 64-bit Linux [Neil R.,
    Kouhei S.]

  • Ruby/GStreamer: Worked with GStreamer >= 0.10.x but
    isn’t completed yet.

  • Ruby/Poppler
    o Supported poppler-glib 0.6.x and 0.8.0. [Kouhei S.]

  • Ruby-GNOME2 can be built with ruby 1.9.0 but doesn’t
    work well without [ruby-dev:34104] patch.

  • Some extconf.rb improvements

  • Many other changes, GC bugs, Segfault fixes. See
    corresponding ChangeLog for detailed information on
    changes and contributors.

== Help us!

We need to people who helps us. Ruby-GNOME2 project needs
more resources to develop bindings, write documents, release
constantly, and more. Please help us!



On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Kouhei S. [email protected] wrote:


I’ve released Ruby-GNOME2 0.17.0:
Ruby-GNOME 2 - Browse Files at SourceForge.net


Seems to work fine so far with booh 0.9.1 against gtk 2.14.1 and ruby
1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72).

Guillaume C. - Guillaume Cottenceau