[ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.15.0

Ruby-GNOME2-0.15.0 is out. Enjoy!


  • Added Ruby/VTE
    VTE is a terminal emulator widget used by GNOME terminal.

  • Added Ruby/Poppler
    Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base.

  • Fixed bugs and Improved.

  • ruby-gtk2 win32 binary packages includes Ruby/Libart.



  • ruby-gtk2-x.x.x.tar.gz
    The minimum package which includes
    Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GTK2.

  • ruby-gnome2-all-x.x.x.tar.gz
    All Ruby-GNOME2 libraries.

  • ruby-gtk2-x.x.x-x-i386-msvcrt-1.8.zip
    The binary package for One-Click Ruby Installer.
    Ruby/GLib2, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GTK2,
    Ruby/Libglade2, Ruby/GtkGLExt, Ruby/Libart.
    With rcairo-1.0.0.

Thanks to

Thanks to all the people who contributed in some way to this release:

Daniel Chokola, Geoff Y., Joao P., Kouhei S.,
Laurent S., Mario S., Masahiro S.,
Mirko M., NISHI Takao, Sjoerd S., Tilman S.

What’s Ruby-GNOME2?

Ruby-GNOME2 is a set of Ruby language bindings for
the GNOME 2.x development environment.

Supported libraries are:

== Core libraries

  • Ruby/GLib2 - the low-level core library that forms the basis
  • Ruby/ATK - a set of interfaces for accessibility
  • Ruby/Pango - layout and rendering of text, with an emphasis
    on internationalization
  • Ruby/GdkPixbuf2 - image loading and manipulation
  • Ruby/GTK2 - GUI widgets

== Extra libraries

  • Ruby/GConf2 - a process-transparent configuration database,
    like Registry
  • Ruby/GNOME2 - containing extra widgets
  • Ruby/GnomeCanvas2 - a widget for creating interactive structured
  • Ruby/GnomePrint - printing
  • Ruby/GnomePrintUI - GUIs for printing
  • Ruby/GnomeVFS - letting applications seamlessly access remote
    and local files
  • Ruby/GStreamer - mulimedia framework for Audio/Video
  • Ruby/GtkGLExt - 3D rendering using OpenGL
  • Ruby/GtkHtml2 - a HTML widget
  • Ruby/GtkMozeEmbed - a widget embedding a Mozilla Gecko renderer.
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView- a Text widget with syntax highlighting and other
    features typical of a source code editor.
  • Ruby/Libart2 - handles the drawing capabilities
  • Ruby/Libgda - an interface to the GDA(GNU Data Access)
    to access data sources such as Databases, LDAP.
  • Ruby/Libglade2 - gives applications the ability to load user
    from XML files at runtime. the XML files are
    with GLADE user interface builder.
  • Ruby/PanelApplet - panel applets library for the GNOME panel.
  • Ruby/Poppler [NEW]- a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code
  • Ruby/RSVG - rendering of SVG vector graphics.
  • Ruby/VTE [NEW] - a terminal emulator widget used by GNOME terminal.


Changes since version 0.14.1

  • Ruby/GLib

    • Improve signal handlers with pthread ruby(–enable-pthread).
      [Sjoerd S.]
    • Added new fundamental object for other bindings. [Sjoerd S.]
    • GLib::Source#remove -> GLib::Soruce.remove [Kouhei S.]
    • Added new macros (GLIST2ARYF, GLIST2ARY2F, GSLIST2ARYF,
      G_PROTECT_CALLBACK) [Masao M.]
    • Added GLib.win32_locale, GLib, win32_locale_filename_from_utf8
      [Kouhei S.]
    • Improve memory management [Kouhei S., Sjoerd S., Masahiro
      Sakai, Masao M.]
    • Other improvement and fix bugs.
      [Sjoerd S., Joao P., Kouhei S., Masahiro S.,
      Masao M.]
  • Ruby/ATK

    • Improved cygwin support. [Masao M.]
    • Fix a bug. [Masahiro S.]
  • Ruby/Pango

    • Fix some bugs. [Laurent S., Masao M.]
    • Added Pango::Layout#markup=, Pango::AttrAbsoluteSize [Masao
  • Ruby/GdkPixbuf

    • Fix a bug. [NISHI Takao]
    • Code cleanup [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GTK

    • Improve signal handlers. [Masahiro S.]
    • Added Gtk::Widget#set_widget, #set_requisition. [Daniel Chokola]
    • Added Gtk::Dialog#get_response. [Masao M.]
    • Other improvement and fix bugs [Mario S., Tilman S.,
      Geoff Y.,
      Masahiro S., Kouhei S., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GNOME

    • Follow Ruby/GLib2 change(GRClosure). [Kouhei S.]
  • Ruby/GnomeCanvas

    • Code cleanup [Kouhei S., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/Libglade

    • Fixed some bugs and trivial improvement. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/Libart

    • None.
  • Ruby/GConf

    • Sample code cleanup. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GStreamer

    • Sample code cleanup. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GnomeVFS

    • Improved and fixed bugs. [Masahiro S., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GtkHtml2

    • Sample code cleanup. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GtkGLExt

    • Improved and fixed bugs. [Kouhei S., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/Libgda

    • Fix build against 1.3.x branch (libgda-2.x). [Laurent
  • Ruby/PanelApplet

    • Fixed a bug [Patch #1431855]
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView

    • Sample code cleanup. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GnomePrint

    • Added Gnome::Print::BINDING_VERSION. Code cleanup [Kouhei S.]
  • Ruby/GnomePrintUI

    • Added Gnome::PrintUI::BINDING_VERSION. [Kouhei S.]
    • Sample code cleanup. [Masao M.]
  • Ruby/RSVG

    • Supported 2.14.
    • Improved, fixed bugs [Kouhei S., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/GtkMozEmbed

    • Improved, fixed bugs [Mirko M., Masao M.]
  • Ruby/Poppler [NEW] [EXPERIMENTAL]

    • Added [Kouhei S.]
  • Ruby/VTE [NEW]

    • Added [Kouhei S.]

.:% Masao M.[email protected]

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