[ANN] Ruby-GNOME 3.0.9

The gems of the Ruby-GNOME2 project are updated to the version 3.0.9.

Those new versions bring:

= About the ruby-gnome2 project

As a reminder, and for those that didn’t know, the Ruby-GNOME2 project
is a set of bindings for the GNOME 2.x and 3.x libraries to use from
Ruby 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

The Ruby-GNOME2 project provides the following gems:
atk cairo-gobject
clutter clutter-gstreamer
clutter-gtk gdk_pixbuf2
gdk3 gio2
glib2 gnumeric
gobject-introspection goffice
gsf gstreamer
gtk2 gtk3
gtksourceview2 gtksourceview3
gvlc pango
poppler rsvg2
vte vte3
webkit-gtk webkit2-gtk

Since the version 3.0.0, the Ruby-GNOME2 gems are based on the
gobject-instropection whenever it is possible. The platforms supported
are Linux, Windows and OS X.

In order to install a gem (gtk3 for example) just do :

  gem install gtk3

Sites for the project:
GitHub - ruby-gnome/ruby-gnome: A set of bindings for the GNOME libraries to use from Ruby.

= About GTK+

from http://www.gtk.org/

GTK+ is a highly usable, feature rich toolkit for creating
graphical user interfaces which boasts cross platform
compatibility and an easy to use API. GTK+ it is written
in C, but has bindings to many other popular programming
languages such as C++, Python and C# among others. GTK+ is
licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 allowing development of
both free and proprietary software with GTK+ without any
license fees or royalties.

= About GNOME

from About Us – GNOME

The GNOME project provides two things: The GNOME desktop
environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for
users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive
framework for building applications that integrate into
the rest of the desktop.

Yay! \o/

I am so slow - I am still using mostly ruby-gtk2 but sooner or later I
will try to make the switch to gtk3. (Lots of things changed e. g.
gnomecanvas or so is different, I think it is now called libgoo or
something like that).

Hi Shevegen,

I am still using mostly ruby-gtk2

I think it is time to switch. The Gtk3 bindings works well and Gtk3 is
now the standard, gnome developpers talk already of Gtk4.

It seems that libgnomecanvas is deprecated since a long time ago. Cairo
is great for drawing in a Gtk::Drawing widget or directly in a
Gtk::Window or if you want to create you own widget, furthermore cairo
is fully supported by ruby-GNOME2. There are a lot of resources around
that could help you. The problem is that the API of cairo is not the
same of gnomecanvas.

You may find an alternative with GooCanvas, it seems that this lib
supports GObjectIntrospection. So it just remains to create a
Ruby-GNOME2 module if you are interested.



I’ll switch eventually, it just takes me an insame amount of time. :slight_smile:

Over the last ~4 days I have been rewriting study/exam related scripts;
it also has a GUI component in rubygnome, which is the last part that
has to be rewritten (the commandline interface is more important for

I’ll have a look at GooCanvas eventually - you can tell how outdated my
knowledge is when I still recall libgnomecanvas. I must have been using
ruby-gnome here and there since soon-to-be 10 years or so but only
semi-sporadically. It works well for these use cases though. Eventually
I’d love to be able to design with the commandline first in mind, but
past that point to also get the same UI design both for oldschool GUI
apps usage an www-usage (gotta need to show that ruby IS the better
language than php, so we have to conquer the web too!)

I’ll have a look at GooCanvas eventually

I think that you should use Cairo, GooCanvas seems to be dead since 2014
too look here
GitHub - GNOME/goocanvas: Read-only mirror of https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/goocanvas . I didn’t know sorry for the


Cedlemo Cedlemo wrote in post #1184837:

The gems of the Ruby-GNOME2 project are updated to the version 3.0.9.

I just test all my dsl test programs on window.

All seem good !!
Resize issue on drawing widget seem corrected.

And thank you very much fo this fantastic job,

Execution speed seem very much better, on windows 10.
my big test program is ready in 2 seconds, It was 5 seconds with 3.0.7.
(see timeline, as attachment)
An old ‘game of life’ (lot of Cairo drawing) seem better, too.

All seem good !!
Resize issue on drawing widget seem corrected.

That is great.

And thank you very much fo this fantastic job,

Thanks for supporting us. :slight_smile: ( c’est toujours appréciable)