[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.10.0


Ruby-GetText-Package-1.10.0 is now available.


  • Support Vietnamese(vi), Bosnian(bs), Croatian(hr), Norwegian(nb)
  • Cache messages. Both () and n() become 1.3-1.8 times faster
    than older version.
  • Add GetText.ns_()
  • Update message catalogs:
    bs, ca, hr, zh_CN, zh_TW, cs, nl, eo, et, fr, de, ja, pt_BR, ru, vi
  • Fix bugs.
  • Enhance to support Ruby on Rails.
    • Support Rails-1.2.3.
    • Work with script/generate scaffold_resource.
    • error_messages_for accepts plural models.
    • Support Action/Fragment caching.

Thanks to

Dirkjan Bussink, Bart ten Brinke, Ngoc Dao, Sanjin Sehic,
Runar Ingebrigtsen, Menno Jonker, Joao P., Malte M.,
Patrick Lenz, David S., Erkki Eilonen, Yang B., Ramon Salvadó

Bug reports, suggestions and patches:
Maksim B., Bart ten Brinke, Florian Hufsky,
Michel Loiseleur, Sava C.



What’s this?

Ruby-GetText-Package is a Localization(L10n) Library and Tools which is
modeled after GNU gettext package.

The library converts the messages to localized messages properly using
client-side locale information. And the tools for developers support
to create, use, and modify localized the message files(message catalogs)


  • Simple APIs(similar GNU gettext)
  • rgettext command for creating po-files from files below:
    o ruby scripts
    o glade-2 XML file(.glade)
    o ERB file(.rhtml)
    o ActiveRecord (.rb)
    o Other files (you can write your own parser)
  • rmsgfmt command for creating a mo-file from a po-file.
  • rgettext/rmsgfmt as module functions are usefule as Rake tasks.
  • The po-file is compatible to GNU gettext.
    You can maintain these files to use GNU getext tools.
  • The mo-file is compatible to GNU gettext(msgfmt).
  • multi-textdomain supported.
    You can bind plural textdomains to a class/module.
  • CGI support (gettext/cgi)
  • ERB support (gettext/erb)
  • Ruby on Rails support (gettext/rails)


Screenshots in 20 languages (Sample Rails blog) are:

Status of translations

Bosnian(bs) - 1.10.0 (new)
Catalan(ca) - 1.10.0
Croatian(hr) - 1.10.0 (new)
Chinese(zh_CN) - 1.10.0
Chinese(zh_TW) - 1.10.0
Czech(cs) - 1.9.0 (old)
Dutch(nl) - 1.10.0
English(default) - 1.10.0
Esperanto(eo) - 1.10.0
Estonian(et) - 1.10.0 (rails.po only)
French(fr) - 1.10.0
German(de) - 1.10.0
Greek(el) - 1.9.0 (old)
Spanish(es) - 1.9.0 (old)
Italian(it) - 1.6.0 (old)
Japanese(ja) - 1.10.0
Korean(ko) - 1.9.0 (old)
Norwegian(nb) - 1.9.0 (new)
Portuguese(Brazil)(pt_BR) - 1.10.0
Russian(ru) - 1.10.0
Swedish(sv) - 0.8.0 (old)
Vietnamese(vi) - 1.10.0 (new)

Can you help us?/ Can we help you?

Join our ML if you are interested in:

  • Improve Ruby-GetText-Package.
  • Translators.
  • Application/library owners who think to make your apps/libs L10n.
    If you send us your po-files, we’ll translate it!

    At least, a Japanese translator is available ;).