[ANN] Ruboto 0.10.2 released!

The Ruboto team is proud to announce the release of Ruboto 0.10.2.

Ruboto (JRuby on Android) is a platform for developing full stand-alone
apps for
Android using the Ruby language and libraries. It includes support
and generators for creating projects, classes, tests, and more. The
APIs of Android, Java, and Ruby are available to you using the Ruby

New in version 0.10.2:

In this release we update to JRuby 1.7.3 and improve the integration
with the Android tooling. Also, we have started a matrix build at
Travis CI to hopefully ensure compatibility with more devices.


  • Issue #334 Allow setting color values using a hexadecimal literal like
  • Issue #346 Automatically increase heap size used by the dx tool to
  • Issue #354 Install Java versions of gems when using MRI or Rubinius
  • Issue #365 Start appropriate emulator with “rake emulator”


  • Issue #335 Package of Ruoboto-Core 0.5.0 doesnt work in Play-Store for
    Android 2.3.5
  • Issue #338 Using $LOAD_PATH and FILE etc ???
  • Issue #352 Allow use of deprecated methods in generated Java classes
  • Issue #355 Fix JRuby built-in JSON support
  • Issue #357 onCreate method on Ruboto activities should work


  • Issue #363 Integrate with Travis CI


  • Issue #306 rake publish not using $RUBOTO_KEYSTORE
  • Issue #316 rake install often gets stuck on Installing…
  • Issue #322 on_create called on rotate, erasing data
  • Issue #356 Project fails to compile when jruby-jars is included.
  • Issue #360 error when creating a project


  • Issue #347 Write a tutorial for adding a startup splash

Pull requests:

  • Issue #362 installing ruboto on ubuntu 12.04

You can find a complete list of issues here:


To use Ruboto, you need to install a Java JDK, the Android SDK, Apache
ANT, and a Ruby implementation. Then do (possibly as root)

gem install ruboto

To create a project do

ruboto gen app --package <your.package.name>

You can find an introductory tutorial at

If you have any problems or questions, come see us at http://ruboto.org/


The Ruboto Team