[ANN] rspec 1.2.9 Released

rspec version 1.2.9 has been released!

Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby.


Version 1.2.9 / 2009-10-05

  • enhancements

    • manage backtrace-ignore patterns with Spec::Runner.configure (Martin
      Emde). Closes #870.
    • friendly mock argument expectation failure message (Tim H.).
    • added double() as alias for stub() and mock()
    • failure messages for doubles, mocks and stubs use the right name
    • add let() method to assign memoized attributes (suggestion from
      Halloway). Closes #857.
    • add its method so you can say:
      describe Array do
      its(:length) { should == 0 }
      (Stephen T.). Closes #833
    • spec command automatically uses spec/spec.opts if it is present
      (suggestion from Yehuda K.)
    • rspec now adds PROJECT_ROOT/lib and PROJECT_ROOT/spec to the load
      • determines PROJECT_ROOT by recursing up until it finds a directory
        that has a ./spec directory (thanks to Scott T.)
      • supports require ‘spec_helper’
      • supports running specs from the PROJECT_ROOT or any directory
        below it
      • closes #733
    • better handling of determining test names in test/unit/interop mode
      • Joe Ferris
      • closes #854
  • bug fixes

    • Fixed problem with colorized output when writing to a file
      • Corey Ehmke
      • closes #777
  • not really a bug fix or enhancement