[ANN] RSense Intelligent Code Completion and Type Inference for Ruby

This has been a long time coming. Last year, I was privileged to have
Enebo for my mentor during JRuby’s Google Summer of Code. We made a lot
progress on RSense and JRubyParser, but realizing that rsense’s complex
error-prone installation was likely a big reason RSense never took off
before, I wanted to really nail down those aspects and GSoC ended before
got done.

I ran out of steam afterwards and took a long break, but kept coming
to it. Finally, I pushed out a beta about a week ago, but wasn’t ready
announce it here because it had some performance characteristics I was
unhappy with. Those should be much better now. So without further ado,
me link:

RSense Sees All http://rsense.github.io/
RSense organization on github https://github.com/rsense

Currently there are plugins for atom.io
and Textmate 2 https://github.com/rsense/rsense.tmbundle. I’m
working on a Sublime Text plugin. I hope the community will provide Vim
Emacs plugins, but I’ll get to them eventually if I have to.

Installation is simple: gem install rsense or add it to your
Gemfile. I plan many improvements over the next few months, so be sure
check for updates frequently. Run it with rsense start. It can be
with rsense stop.

If you have questions or concerns about using RSense, please come by our
gitter chat:

[image: Gitter chat] https://gitter.im/rsense/rsense

I expect there to be a number of bugs to shake out of RSense. Please
any that you encounter.

The potential for tools that build on top of RSense are pretty
bug-detection, refactoring, and ideas I’ve not dreamed of.

I’ll be speaking about RSense in more detail at this year’s JRubyConfEU,
keep on the lookout for that. In the meantime, if I can help you get
write a plugin for your editor or IDE of choice, or understand the
implementation better so you can work on some tool that builds on
please contact me.

Excellent to see RSense come out of the ashes. It will be great to see
again at JRubyconfEU and see the improvements you have been doing since
last years GSoC project!


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