ANN: Roar offers automated rails, 0.5.0

I’m happy to announce Roar, a rails plugin that provides an automated
admin framework for Rails resources, through a Domain Specific
Language (DSL) in the controller. Full support for CRUD, model
relationships, custom widgets, and customization.

A simple example illustrates what it looks like:

class PostController < ApplicationController
roar :prefix => “admin” do
order “created_at DESC”

table do
  edit :title
  date :created_at

form do
  text_field :title
  text_area :body


def index
# public view here

This provides a full admin interface that lives at /admin/posts.

Check out an online demo where you can see the plugin in use (log in
to see the backend, and inplace editing) at

The demo app and plugin source code is available at the rubyforge

More posts, examples, screenshots, a screencast, and a start to some
documentation live at: