[ANN] Rmldonkey 0.62 released


I have released a new version of Rmldonkey. The objetive of this is the
bug fixing and the adding of a little funcionalities.

The product is distributed on two ways one installer for Windows users
and a Fatjar to all others that can run a JRE 7.


Changes on Version 0.62

  • “Options/Export Downloads” Fixed exports downloads problems. Bad
    decimal number calculations over some platforms. Also restrict exports
    to Ed2k downloads.

  • “Search/Bittorrent” Add the option to choose a file to add a
    Bittorrent download.

  • “Downloads” Fixed a bug that brings down the program because the
    interface freezes when a download finishes.

  • “Help” We fixed a bug that caused the logo in the help didn’t
    displayed properly when you have been running a previous version.

Dependencies / Prerequisites (Windows installer)

Easiest way to install Rmldonkey and a Mldonkey core to be controled.
Simple installer with all contents bundled inside it.

Dependencies / Prerequisites (FatJar)

Its necessary a Mldonkey install because the idea is to control it.


Java 7 or higher


The need of additional libraries to run Rmldonkey isn’t needed anymore.

Additional libraries are bundled statically on jar file.

You can run using…

/java -jar FatRmldonkey062.jar/

…on Linux / Unix system a “chmod 777 *.jar” give you the double click



Dependencies / Prerequisites (Source Code)

JRuby 1.7.0 or higher on Java 7


The following libraries must be installed so that they are visible to
the classpath of the

Jre where jRuby runs.

Substance 5.3

Jfreechart 1.0.14 http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/

JCommon 1.0.17 http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/

Its also necessary a Mldonkey install because the idea is to control it.


Execution (Source Code)

To be able to run everything must issue the following command to perform
call to the script that starts the execution “rmldonkey.rb”.

jruby-Ku-J-Dfile.encoding = utf-8 rmldonkey.rb

/Manuel R. Caro//

/Coding for me pleasure and yours//./


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