ANN: Remedy IT announces availability of first release of Ru


Remedy IT is pleased to announce the first beta release of the Ruby
Language mapping reference implementation: R2CORBA.
This software is provided as Opensource (for license see:

R2CORBA provides a fully RCLM compliant implementation based on the TAO

The current release provides:

o 100% native Ruby IDL compiler
o support for direct IDL inclusion in Ruby code
o support for Ruby CORBA clients
o support for Ruby CORBA servants
o support for Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI)
o support for Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII)
o support for IDL enum, struct, sequence and union datatypes
o and moreā€¦

The distribution contains several regression tests which also serve as
code. Currently tested platforms include Windows (MSVC 7.1), Linux (GCC)

Solaris (GCC and SunCC).

You can download the beta release here:

If you have feedback on this beta release contact us at
[email protected].
For feedback on the draft CORBA language mapping contact us at
[email protected].

We are currently working on providing a project website for R2CORBA and
Subversion access. Stay tuned.

Martin Corino