ANN: Relisp 1.0.0 (rubyfied emacs lisp)

This purpose of Relisp is to:

  • call Ruby from Emacs
  • call Elisp from Ruby
  • manipulate Emacs without using Elisp to some extent (Ruby wrappers
    around some Elisp functions and objects)
  • reduce the number of blog entries titled “Is Ruby an acceptable Lisp?”
    and flame wars under the title “ruby vs. lisp vs. scheme vs. haskell vs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Ruby interface to things like buffers,
windows and frames? Yes. Yes it would:

new_buffer =“name_of_new_buffer”)
new_buffer.switch_to{:width => 80, :height => 20, :name => “ruby

For more examples and details, see

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