[ANN] Release of Typo 6.0.8 - Bug Fixes


Being the eighth of the Irving Penn series, this new Typo release comes
only 3 days after the latest one, but it fixes a bunch of serious bugs
that were discovered while using Typo 6.0.7 in the wild.

As usual you can download Typo 6.0.8 at
http://typosphere.org/stable.tgz, and give it a try on our demo site

** Adding per tags and categories templates

Typo is now able to provide a different template according to the
category and tag you visit. This is useful for some sites which need
such a level of customization. To use them, just add a
views/categories/category-permalink.html.erb or a
views/categories/category-permalink.html.erb file in your theme. Typo
will use that file when displaying this category.

** Bug fixes

Fixes a bug in the meta title generation when displaying an article, a
category or a tag.

Fixes the custom tracking field making the site crashing when used.

Fixes a bug on tags removal not working.

** Moving our bug tracker to Github

We’ve decided to move our bug tracker from Lighthouse to Github. In the
past years, Github ticketing system has gained in feature and maturity
while Lighthouse has been stalling, not being really convenient to use.
This move allows us to centralize our tools in a single place. The new
bug reporting place is now Issues · publify/publify · GitHub

It’s been the third release in 11 days, but thanks to all our beta
testers, I hope it’s the latest bugfix one. We want to thank in
alphabetical order Mitch P., Lars Tobias Skjong-Brsting, Mathieu
Poussin and Rhaamo for their bug hunting operation.

Frdric de Villamil
“What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is still unsetteled” Go player
[email protected] tel: +33 (0)6 62 19 1337
http://t37.net Typo : http://typosphere.org