[ANN] Release of Typo 5.1.3

Hello list,

I’ve just released Typo 5.1.3, which is the fourth release of the
“Cartier-Bresson” series and released on sunday August the 31th. It is
mostly a bugfix and behaviour fix version, so don’t expect many
visible changes, except for people having problems with the closed
bugs (thank you Captain Obvious). Typo 5.1.3 is avaliable as a gem
with installer or sources.

Following some discussion here, I’ve removed the database dependencies
from the Typo installer. We now assume that you have the bindings for
any supported databases and won’t force you to install them anymore.

Complete CHANGELOG here:

Bug #1244: error with postgresql database on admin/content
Bug #1251: Documentation on dashboard is 404
Bug #1252: migrations alter updated_at timestamps of articles and
comments, affects RSS feeds
Bug #1253: Twice redirect in admin/user#list if no admin
Bug #1254: Fix little error when you use bad id in AdminUser#edit
Bug #1255: Doesn’t autosave if no define title
Bug #1256: /article/ 301 redirect hits the default buffer which is not
the expected behaviour
Bug #1257: Articles redirect doesn’t work with non-nil relative_url_root

Rev #1784: Fixed requirements and added our official Typo mascot
Rev #1786: Fixes a stupid behaviour that forces tags display name to
be the same as the name in the url. IE : “web 2.0” would display on a
page as web2-0 after transformation, which is stupid. Adds a migration
that changes ‘.’ into ‘-’ in tag already in the database. Otherwise,
it makes typo crash when accessing that tag. Allows edition of tag
display name in the admin.
Rev #1787:Removes database dependencies from installer. Now we assume
you already have MySQL, PgSQL or SQLLite adater installed. Deletes 2
themes from FCKEditor, about 300k lighter now. Suppress caching from
development environment
Rev #1789: Fixes a stupid bug that allows a non administrative user to
change his profile
Rev #1792: Removing tmcode textfilter. It now has its own life at
. Removing amazon textfilter. It now has its own life at
. Removing sparkline textfilter. It now has its own life at
Rev #1795: Fixes 2 nasty bugs with autosave. The first one broke
autosave when no title was set. We now set a default title. The second
one was overriding permalink with a void string when post was
autosaved because the permalink field was empty after autosave. For
autosave: If no title is given, Typo gives it a title like “Article
Draft + post_id”. When publishing, every article-draft-something
permalink is just replaced with the article title crafted permalink.
Rev #1796: Enables in admin database migration back, gets rid of the
old pre 4.1 general controller, sets the CHANGELOG for 5.1.3.

Many thanks to Cyril M., Matijs van Zuijlen and Frédéric Logier
for submitting patches.


Frédéric de Villamil
[email protected] tel: +33 (0)6 62 19 1337
http://fredericdevillamil.com Typo : http://typosphere.org