[ANN] Related content extension

This is a minor extension that allows you to relate pages to one another
externally and generate lists of links or other attributes of related
pages with Radius tags.

My client decided this was not needed for their project and so I’m
releasing it to the public. You can download it from the Radiant


You may find more details in the README.




Does anyone have this extension working in Trunk?

I appears to be extecly something I’m needing for my site but I can’t
seem to get it working. It installs fine and shows up in the extensions
list. I also get the related content input box at the bottom of the
form to edit pages but I don’t get any AJAX form to select pages when
entering text into the input box. Perhaps I’m just being dense here but
I can’t figure out how to add a page relation.

I did notice a javascript file lowpro.js included with the extension in
it’s public/javascript dir but no task to move it to the site public
dir. I copied it over myself but it didn’t solve the problem. I also
noticed the edit page html source doesn’t include the lowpro.hs file in
the header.

I then added <% include_javascript ‘lowpro’ %>
below the firs line <% include_javascript ‘controls’ %>
to the extensions app/views/admin/page/_related_content.rhtml
in a hope that including the “missing” javascript would fix the problem
but again no luck.

Note other extensions I have are
shards (renamed dir to 00_shards to force first loading)

Thanks in advance for any input on getting this working.