[ANN] Red Dirt Registration Ending


Friday is the last day for normal registration to the Red Dirt

We have everything locked-in and it’s going to be an awesome event.
Here are just a handful of the planned highlights:

  • Keynote speeches from Jim W. and Dave T.
  • Our themed program including Rails 3, NoSQL, and more
  • Panel discussions with all of the speakers
  • Expert trainings for the same topics the following day
  • Scaling presentations from Twitter and Google
  • Live recordings of The Changelog and Ruby 5 podcasts
  • A huge hackfest
  • An awesome location in Oklahoma City’s “Bricktown”
  • Good food (Weird, right?)

As you can see, we have the perfect tech storm planned. We’re filling
up, but we’ve planned carefully to make the best possible use of space
and we can still squeeze some bodies in. You could still be one of
those bodies:

James Edward G. II