[ANN] Rassmalog 9.0.1


A static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake.
It transforms blog entries written in Textile or other
formatting systems into valid XHTML files that you can
view on your computer or upload to your website.



Version 9.0.1


• Caution
• Repairs
• Usability

This release (1) fixes some bugs that were thought to have
been fixed by the previous release and (2) shortens the
source code down to 567 lines!

1 Caution

• The Chainable module has been renamed to SequenceMixin
and its next and prev methods no longer wrap around the
array. Instead, they return nil when you try to access
beyond the end of the array.

• The TemplateMixin module no longer has a template_file

• The ERB#render_with method has been moved to Template#
render_with. In addition, the method no longer takes a
“template name” as the first argument.

• The “Recent entries” phrase has been renamed to “New
entries” for brevity.

2 Repairs

• ARCHIVES was not ordered by date (again!).

• The next/previous and older/newer links were forming a
cycle (again!). This can cause confusion when a user is
viewing the newest entry and sees a “newer” link which
really takes the user back to the oldest entry!

• The copy task was copying all input/*.yaml files to

3 Usability

• The config/format.rb file now inserts a “border=1”
attribute on all HTML tables. This greatly improves
readability in text-mode web browsers!

Written on Sun Dec 9 16:55:33 2007.
Tagged as history.
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