[ANN] Rassmalog 7.0.0


A static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake.
It transforms blog entries written in Textile or other
formatting systems into valid XHTML files that you can
view on your computer or upload to your website.



Version 7.0.0


• Caution
• Repairs
• Updates

This release cleans up the configuration, restores support
for users with 640×480 screen resolution, repairs some
defects, and improves performance, the default CSS theme,
and the documentation.

1 Caution #

• In config/blog.yaml, the following parameters have been
□ recent_entries → num_recent_entries
□ table_of_contents → generate_toc

• In config/format.rb:
â–¡ The format:verbatim tag has been renamed to
for consistency with the HTML

• All forms of punctuation are now replaced with a single
dash (-) in output file names. As a result, you might
have to update your existing usage of URLs to other
blog entry output files.

• The rake clean command now removes all output files
that were generated by Rassmalog—instead of removing
all files that were copied from input/ into output/.

2 Repairs #

• The search page is now updated whenever a blog entry is

• The search form was being submitted (causing the entire
search page to reload) when JavaScript was disabled in

• The default CSS theme is now friendly for users of
640×480 screen resolutions. In fact, the theme is now
fully elastic, and thereby supports any screen

• URLs for fragment links are no longer shown in the
printer-friendly CSS style.

3 Updates #

• You can now use eRuby directives and HTML formatting
directives in the values of more parameters in config/
blog.yaml. The documentation for these parameters has
been updated with usage emblems.

• The performance of the Chapter#[] method has been

There were a few overlooked issues with yesterday’s 7.0.0
release, so I made a new 7.0.1 patch release with the fixes:




Version 7.0.1

This release repairs the following defects:

• Redundant dashes (-) are now squeezed into a single
dash in URI fragments.
• Added consistent padding for blockquote in the
input/styles/screen.css file