[ANN] Rassmalog 4.2.0

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and
Rake. It transforms blog entries written in Textile or
other formatting systems into valid XHTML files that are
user friendly in both graphical and text-only web browsers.



Version 4.2.0


• Caution
• Additions
• Repairs
• Usability

This release revises the documentation, allows importing of
blog entries from an RSS feed, adds support for more
uploader programs, and repairs several defects.

1 Caution

• In config/blog.yaml, the host parameter has been
removed and the uploader parameter has been made into
an eRuby template in order to support more uploader

• The feed task now generates the RSS feed rather than
the index task.

• “[Rassmalog]” no longer appears at the beginning of a
comment e-mail’s subject because it hinders usability.

2 Additions

• Added an import task, which lets you import blog
entries from an RSS feed.

• The upload task now supports lftp as an uploader

3 Repairs

• The copy task now supports copying of symbolic links
and hidden files (also known as “dot files” because
their names begin with a period). It also preserves
modification times and permissions of copied files

• The “Tagged as …” message no longer appears in an
entry’s information if the entry does not have any

• Entry summarization now allows trailing whitespace
within a paragraph separator

• Restored support for scp as an uploader program for the
upload task.

4 Usability

• Removed the “trail of bread crumbs”, which contained
links to an entry’s tags and appeared just below an
entry’s name, because it stole attention away from the
blog entries themselves and cluttered the interface.

• Tag clouds now use standard CSS font-size names
(xx-small x-small small medium large x-large xx-large)
instead of numerical font sizes.

• Balanced the widths of the blog entry and hierarchical
menu using optimal line lengths for better readability.

• Revised the instructions presented atop the search

Suraj K. wrote:

Version 4.2.0

It turns out that, according to the RubyGems rational versioning policy,
this release should have been numbered as 5.0.0. I have replaced the
4.2.0 package accordingly. Furthermore, I fixed some additional bugs in
the RSS feed (thanks to Josef ‘Jupp’ Schugt for reporting) and sneaked
them into the 5.0.0 package.

Sorry for the confusion.