[ANN] Rassmalog 4.1.0

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,
and Textile. It features an extensible blog formatting
mechanism, easy configuration, and automatic tagging,
archiving, syntax coloring, and table of contents.

Web site: http://rassmalog.rubyforge.org

Version 4.1.0


• Repairs
• Usability
• Features

This release fixes the license and RSS feed validity, and
improves usability and entry summarization.

1 Repairs

• The license was non-free because it disallowed selling.

• Headings are now omitted from entry summaries. For
example, if your entry’s text starts out with a heading

h1. Introduction

then that heading will not be put into the summary. See
the config/entry.erb template for details.

• Invalid URI characters in URLs (for sending e-mail
comments) were not properly escaped in the RSS feed.

2 Usability

• Added a “trail of bread crumbs”, with links to an
entry’s tags and archive, just below an entry’s name.
This makes it easier to browse entries and find related
entries. See the config/entry.erb template for details.

• The “Entries” link now appears just after the “Home”
link in the main navigation area because it seems more
natural to want to see a listing of all entries after
you’ve just seen the most recent ones.

3 Features

• The blog author’s name (at the bottom of the config/
html.erb template) is now hyperlinked to the comments
e-mail address if the e-mail comments are enabled.

• The String.table_of_contents method now accepts a
block, which allows for custom processing of the
hierarchical structure of an XHTML document.

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