[ANN] Rassmalog 3.2.0

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on RSS 2.0, YAML,
and Textile. It features an extensible blog formatting
mechanism, easy configuration, and automatic tagging,
archiving, syntax coloring, and table of contents.

Web site: http://rassmalog.rubyforge.org

Version 3.2.0

This release improves usability and simplifies the blog’s

1 Features

• Tags and archives now use the tag cloud visualization

  â–¡ You can configure the cloud generation in the
    config/chapter.erb template.

• A config/index.erb template has been added for
customization of generated index*.html files.

  â–¡ The search page now explicitly states that it is
    really just an exhaustive listing of the content of
    all entries available on the blog.

2 Usability

• Jakob Nielsen’s guidelines for web design are now

• Added horizontal rules (

) to improve readability
in text-mode browsers.

3 Mechanics

• Entry summarization is now the responsibility of the
config/entry.erb template.

  â–¡ When entries are summarized, their meta information
    (date, tags, etc.) is now omitted because I feel
    that people are more interested in the content of a
    blog entry than when it was written and how it is
    tagged. This omission leads to a much cleaner and
    simpler user interface.

    As always, you can change this behavior if you

• The String.table_of_contents method now operates on
XHTML instead of Textile.

  â–¡ The generated table of contents can link directly
    to any HTML heading because it now supports
    nonstandard characters, such as HTML entities (and
    thereby non-English languages), nested HTML
    elements, and so on.