[ANN] Rassmalog 12.0.1

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby,
and Rake. It transforms blog entries written in Textile
or other formatting systems into valid XHTML files that
you can view on your computer or upload to your website.



A HTML version of this release announcement is available here:

Rassmalog 12.0.1


• 1 Improvements
• 2 Repairs

This release fixes the RSS feed template and task
dependencies, and improves the documentation and CSS

1 Improvements

• Make version numbering system table self-explanatory in
the user guide.

• Make visited links more prominent by coloring them as
MediumVioletRed. This color complements the solid blue
of unvisited links well. In fact, the pair is somewhat
reminiscent of Flickr.com’s blue and pink color theme.

• Add background-color to emphasis elements just
like the Webby project. This makes it much easier to
spot emphasized text.

• Lighten the style for element so that it is easier
on the eyes.

• Lighten the color and italicize for blockquotes to
indicate that the quote is from an external source.

2 Repairs

• Blog title and entry title were not emitted as inline
HTML in RSS feed.

• Fixed task dependencies for hidden blog entries: the
search page was being triggered when a hidden blog
entry changed!

• Fixed task dependencies for entrance page: it should
only be regenerated when the blog configuration file


Since nobody has downloaded this release yet,
I took the liberty to sneak a small bug fix
into the 12.0.1 release packages:

  • entrance page was not updated to point
    to newest entry when new entry is added