[ANN] Rassmalog 12.0.0

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby,
and Rake. It transforms blog entries written in Textile
or other formatting systems into valid XHTML files that
you can view on your computer or upload to your website.



HTML version of this release announcement is available here:

Version 12.0.0


• 1 Caution
â–¡ 1.1 Entries
â–¡ 1.2 Configuration
• 2 Features
• 3 Repairs

This release features a redesigned user-interface that
improves navigability in graphical and text-mode web
browsers alike, localizes almost all of Rassmalog’s output
via translation files, and revisits the philosophies of

1 Caution

1.1 Entries

• The text parameter in blog entry files has been renamed
to body. You can update your existing blog entries by
running the following command inside your Rassmalog
installation directory:

find entries/ input/ -name '*.yaml' -print0 |
xargs -0 sed -i 's,^text:,body:,'

• RedCloth 4.0.x is now required by the default
implementation of config/format.rb. This version of
RedCloth introduces the following incompatibilites
because, unlike the previous 3.0.4 version, it no
longer supports Markdown syntax:
â–¡ Lines indented by two or more spaces are no longer
converted into a preformatted block (

â–¡ The depth of a list item (
  • ) is no longer
    influenced by the level of indentation.
    â–¡ Four or more consequtive hyphens are no longer
    converted into a horizontal rule (
    â–¡ Line breaks are now converted into
    So do not “hard wrap” your lines to a fixed number
    of columns, but instead write each paragraph as one
    long line and configure your text editor to perform
    “soft” word wrapping for readability.
    □ and so on…

    1.2 Configuration

    • config/format.rb is now required to implement a String#
    to_inline_html method, which converts the string into a
    HTML expression composed of inline content (as opposed
    to block-level elements at the root of the expression).

    • In the config/blog.yaml blog configuration file:
    â–¡ The following parameters have been removed:
    ☆ links — You can create custom menus in the
    input/about.yaml about page instead.
    ☆ new_entries — The “new entries” list has been
    removed. Instead, the default behavior is now
    to take the visitor directly to the newest
    entry in the blog (see entrance parameter
    ☆ summarize_entries — Entries are now always
    summarized in lists. You can still control
    whether they are summarized in RSS feeds via
    the last parameter of the feed method.
    â–¡ The front_page parameter has been renamed to
    entrance. The default value of this parameter takes
    the visitor directly to the single newest entry in
    your blog, rather than to a listing of n newest
    blog entries.

    • Translation files for the Indonesian, Norwegian,
    Swedish, and Taiwanese languages have been removed
    because the new machine translation service I am using
    does not support translation of English text into those
    languages. Please do not be alarmed at this decision,
    for these particular files have always been the result
    of machine translation; no human has yet contributed
    corrections for them.

    2 Features

    • More icons, less text.

    • Simple, consistent navigation.

    • Improved CSS styles for printing (and print preview).

    • Added instructions for using a Javascript-based
    commenting system into the user guide.

    • All English phrases emitted by Rassmalog are now
    translated using the LANG#[] facility, with the
    exception of input/search.yaml and input/about.yaml. So
    you no longer need to edit templates and such in order
    to localize Rassmalog: simply create or edit a
    translation file and update the language parameter in
    your blog configuration file accordingly.

    • An about page (found at input/about.yaml) has been
    added to the default configuration.

    3 Repairs

    • Incorrect URLs were generated in config/feed.erb if the
    url parameter in the blog configuration file lacks a
    trailing slash.

    • Cleansed the CSS styles by removing unnecessary cruft
    and refactoring common styles between the screen.css
    and print.css into common.css.

    Date 2008 July 31, Thursday 09:49 PM
    Tags project · rassmalog
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