[ANN] Rassmalog 10.1.0


A static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake.
It transforms blog entries written in Textile or other
formatting systems into valid XHTML files that you can
view on your computer or upload to your website.



Version 10.1.0


• Thanks
• Caution
• Improvements
• Repairs

This release adds support for plugins, adds more
translations, and fixes some bugs in RSS feed and blog

1 Thanks

Laurent Vallar and Greg Weber contributed patches and
suggestions! :slight_smile:

2 Caution

• The import task has been renamed to import_rss.

• The gen task is no longer invoked when the Rakefile
file changes.

3 Improvements

• Added a plugins/ directory for non-essential Rake
tasks. You can add your own files (which provide Rake
tasks) into this directory and load them into your

Currently, there is a plugin that provides a Rake task
for importing blog entries from an RSS feed.

• Laurent Vallar translated more strings from the
templates for the French language. I have updated the
Telugu and other translation files accordingly.

• Comments are now omitted when an entry is summarized,
because you would like the reader to fully read your
blog entry before they make comments about it. {Greg

• The Chapter#[] method now raises an error when you try
to access an unknown section by name. It also lets you
access sections by index or range—the traditional array
access idioms. {Greg Weber}

4 Repairs

• Entry content was omitted from RSS feed when summary
was not available.

• The “read more” link was omitted for summarized entries
in the RSS feed.

• Greg Weber suggested that the first HTML block-level
element should be accepted as the summary of a blog
entry (in addition to the current scheme of accepting
the first “paragraph” of text) because the current
scheme makes strong assumptions about RedCloth’s

• The URL for author’s e-mail (at the bottom of config/
html.erb) was being escaped twice. {Greg Weber}

• Laurent Vallar and Greg Weber fixed the renaming of
Rassmalog[:url] to Rassmalog[:website]. In addition,
Greg Weber added protection to raise an error if such
mistakes are made in the future.

• The index.html file was not updated when the “front
page” file changes.

• Redundant nested

 elements were not being
collapsed by config/format.rb.


Since nobody downloaded the release packages yet, I went ahead and
rolled in another bug-fix into the 10.1.0 release:

  • There is now a separate search task for generating the search page.

  • The search page was being generated whenever entry task was invoked.
    This defeated the ability to rapidly preview entries while editing