[ANN] RailsMyAdmin - rails plugin bolts on model managemen


I developed and released this plugin a while ago, but never really let
anyone know about it.

You can find more details at:


It’s packaged as a RoR plugin that allows you to bolt a phpMyAdmin-esque
interface onto an existing Rails app.

A few bonuses in RailsMyAdmin:

  • AJAX inline editing of individual fields while browsing
  • Quick lookup based on field/value pairs
  • A DiggSpy-like feature - useful (or just fun) for seeing new rows as
    they get added in real-time

It manages models at the Object level, so, deleting an object will call
the “destroy” method, saving it will call “save”, etc.

It does not have tools (yet) to create tables, etc.

It includes a generator which copies necessary files over to a single
new folder in each of your app’s controllers/views/public directories.
There’s also a command to remove those copied files/folders, if you want
to back out of using the plugin.

RailsMyAdmin hasn’t been tested on many apps yet, though I have used it
in producting on my own apps. If you’d like to tinker with it… let me
know if you find any bugs!

  • Shanti

ps. I also just found this, which is a different project:

So for now, googling RailsMyAdmin will not be all that helpful! I’ll
get in touch with Jake and figure out a solution, so there aren’t too
many RailsMyAdmin projects floating around in the googlesphere.

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