[ANN] rails3-maven-plugins and more


there is new version for the people who know maven from their former
life and want to explore how to use it to manage ruby and/or rails
projects with maven.

you can generate a mavenized rails3 application:
(for rails2.3.x just use rails2 instead of rails3).

or if you have an existing rails application there are archetypes
which helps to mavenize it. for newly generated rails application this
is fully functional:

in case you used ant tasks or shell scripts inside a pom.xml you might
be interested in using ruby instead:

you can take the gemspec file of your project and convert it into a
pom.xml and use maven (with jruby) to build your gem or run the specs
or/and install it on your local maven repository:

and if you need to convert a jar file into a gem (must be on maven
central repository) you can find out more with
$ mvn de.saumya.mojo:gem-maven-plugin:0.20.0:help and look at the
gemify goal (but there will be better support in the next coming

regards, Kristian